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COOKING CLASS - Paella, Jamón and Wine in my Garden!

De 2 a 10
12:00 - 14:30
Vino tinto, Vino blanco, Cerveza



Are you ready to learn all the secrets of the real Spanish Paella? Not the restaurant one, the one served at our house following our mom’s recipe!

Have you heard of Marta's Famous Paella Cooking Class? You won't be disappointed with this paella either!

We will start preparing a slow cooked Sofrito and the stock, two of the keys for the perfect Paella. While we wait for this to be ready we will have some time to show you how to prepare some Spanish tapas as a snack.

Once finished we will start the Paella cooking itself, you will learn the key tips of this worldwide known dish so you will be able to take a piece of the local gastronomy to your homeland and share it with your friends.

All is cooked with fresh ingredients from the farmers market of the Sagrada Familia and the passion of a Spanish foodie.

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Great experience and interesting learning. You should do it also !

Superbe après-midi, accueil très chaleureux et expérience culinaire très intéressante dans un très beau lieu.

Havre de paix, conviviale, délicieux c'était super

We had a great time cooking with Sara! Her kitchen and garden were absolutely lovely. Would definitely recommend this experience.

Conoce a Sara

Yo hablo Catalan, English, French, Spanish

I am Sara, an interior designer who decided to abandon this in order to pursue my true passion: FOOD!

Cooking has always been very important to my family. In fact, the first question that we usually ask when somebody comes back from a trip, a wedding or an event was: “How was the food?” We organise our trips based on what we might try (eat) everywhere we visit.

We meet very often to eat, and we love to try new things. This has been my way of living since I was a kid.


Soy Sara, una diseñadora de interiores que decidió cambiar su trabajo en la construcción para dedicarme a mi pasión. ¡LA COMIDA!

La cocina siempre ha sido muy importante en mi familia. De hecho, la primera pregunta que se acostumbra a hacer cuando alguien vuelve de viaje, de una boda o un evento es “Que tal la comida?”. ¡Organizamos nuestros viajes en función de lo que podremos probar en cada nuevo lugar que visitamos!

Nos reunimos a menudo para comer, nos encanta salir a probar cosas nuevas y este es el espíritu que he vivido desde niña.

Estoy en mis 30
Organización de eventos
Cambia constantemente, me encanta comer!
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